Limited Time Offer: 15% Off NAD+
Limited Time Offer: 15% Off NAD+
Limited Time Offer: 15% Off NAD+
Limited Time Offer: 15% Off NAD+
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Why LifeXMD

The LifeXMD Difference

When you’re making the critical decision to seek help in battling the negative effects of aging — decreased energy, libido and motivation; increased body fat, fatigue and irritability — you can’t afford to make the wrong choice. You will find there is a real, measurable difference between LifeXMD and others offering hormone replacement and vitality therapies.

Completely Personalized Treatment

Unlike many medical centers treating the effects of aging, there’s no “one size fits all” here. Your treatment plan, bio-identical hormones, other
prescriptions and pharmaceutical-grade supplements are all customized specifically for you, based on your personal goals and the results of
comprehensive medical lab tests. It really is all about you.

No Mass-Produced Medications or Supplements

Our physicians never prescribe anything “off the shelf.” Bio-identical hormones, other prescriptions and supplements are compounded specifically for you, with ingredients and dosages based on your goals and lab tests, by a FDA-accredited compounding pharmacy. FDA 503 A/B accreditation represents the highest standards of purity, quality and safety for specialized compounding pharmacies.

No Weekly Office Appointments

Many offices require you to come in weekly for administration of medications or hormones. We ship your medications every month directly to your door. LifeXMD is able to save you time and money with our affordable no contract monthly programs.

There’s More to Meeting Your Goals Safely Than Just Hormones

Many offices only test hormone levels before prescribing mass-produced, off-the-shelf replacement hormones. Our comprehensive lab tests and blood work ensure that we diagnose all of the conditions and factors that may be reducing your enjoyment of life. Your treatment plan and therapies are customized to your personal goals, condition and lab test results.

Comprehensive Treatment Programs to Ensure You Reach Your Goals

In addition to bio-identical hormone replacement, we offer a full range of modalities to help you defy the effects of aging and get back to full enjoyment of your life. Depending on your goals, desires and condition, we can also provide nutritional consulting, pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements, weight loss guidance and personal training. Don’t settle for less — choose complete care with LifeXMD to help you regain your youthful vigor and enjoyment of life.

Customer service — we like to brag about our customer service because we go above and beyond for our clients. Choosing who to work with can be a tough decision. Give us a call for a no charge consultation to find out if you feel our programs and service meet or exceed your expectations,

Trained experts. All support staff and physicians have trained under Dr. Neal Rouzier and we update our training annually with his courses “mastering the protocols of hormone optimization” in order to provide the latest and safest cutting edge therapies to our clients. We often recommend when new clients are researching who to work with they ask what type of training and certification the staff and physicians have invested in.


What Our Patients Say About Us

  • Having had experience with other companies that claim to provide similar services, I am very impressed with the team here at LifeXMD. The communication and dedication is above and beyond. I trust them with my health for that reason. DT has become a friend in the process of me becoming a healthier me. He listens to what my goals are and helps me get there.

    Brad Kosek Avatar Brad Kosek
    September 2, 2023

    Great customer service and outstanding staff! Very helpful with the products and care. I would recommend them. I have sent 4 other customers their way and they are also very happy!

    Jayme Junga Avatar Jayme Junga
    September 2, 2023

    The team has been great to work with and they are very responsive to my questions. They make this an easy process and I feel great! They are the best at getting your hormones where they need to be for living an optimal life.

    Kyle Payne Avatar Kyle Payne
    September 2, 2023
  • DT has been great. Smooth processing, great communication, very knowledgeable. This is way better than the clinic I was going to before.

    Cody Peterson Avatar Cody Peterson
    September 2, 2023

    Great Company and staff! Take the leap, you won’t regret it.

    Aaron Ivy Avatar Aaron Ivy
    September 2, 2023

    Great communication and excellent service.

    Mary Anne Lewis Avatar Mary Anne Lewis
    September 2, 2023
  • Everything is going great

    J Rocco Avatar J Rocco
    May 2, 2023

    Everyone I’ve worked with here has been amazing and so helpful! They offer a wide variety of peptides at a really great rate. I’ve tried other places and I’d say these guys are the best around. I would highly recommend them especially if just starting out.

    Tony Crago Avatar Tony Crago
    September 2, 2023

    Great staff and Knowledgeable Providers that are professional with helping you with men”s health with HRT!

    Ignacio Ramirez Avatar Ignacio Ramirez
    September 2, 2023

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