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Why Doctor-Supervised Weight Loss Programs Are The Most Successful

Nearly 45 million Americans go on a diet every year, yet more than half of American adults still battle obesity. What’s influencing the effectiveness of these diets? The truth is that many DIY diets are ultimately ineffective. Most people don’t have the time or knowledge required to put together a long-lasting nutrition plan. Despite common beliefs, dieting isn’t just about how much you eat but the quality of what you eat. Additionally, essential hormones like insulin and leptin are often ignored in DIY diet plans. Some people may try to lose weight for years without realizing that they have an underlying condition that affects their metabolism. These reasons and more illustrate why doctor-supervised weight loss programs are the most successful for individuals. If you want to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle, contact LifeXMD to benefit from a comprehensive weight loss plan.

Table of Contents:

Doctor-Supervised Weight Loss Programs Consider Your Individual Health

Anyone with a slower metabolism, hypothyroidism, type 2 diabetes, or several other conditions can find losing weight particularly challenging. If a person does not yet know of their condition, this will frustrate their weight loss efforts even more. When you start planning your doctor-supervised weight loss program, your doctor gathers as much information about your individual health as possible. Knowing any conditions you have can help them advise you on the healthiest choices for your body.

A Customized Plan for Your Lifestyle

A medically supervised diet is customized to your fitness goals as well. For example, if you want to not only lose weight but gain muscle, your LifeXMD doctor can help you adjust your protein intake to optimize muscle gain. When you work with a knowledgeable physician, they can help you set realistic weight loss goals and build a sustainable lifestyle. This is much more effective than using a DIY diet that may help you lose weight in the short term but doesn’t provide long-lasting guidance.

Enough Food to Keep Your Energy Up

Many dieters quit because dieting is so restrictive. However, doctor-supervised weight loss programs are designed to prevent you from feeling depleted and hungry all the time. Under the supervision of a medical professional, you can develop a diet plan that is rich in nutrients and fiber to keep you satisfied and energized while still being low in calories.

The health experts at LifeXMD understand that the combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise is the key to weight loss that lasts. Additionally, if any nutritional supplements or hormone therapies will help regulate your weight, LifeXMD can provide you with the best options for your unique health goals.


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