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Limited Time Offer: 15% Off NAD+
Limited Time Offer: 15% Off NAD+
Limited Time Offer: 15% Off NAD+
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What You Can Learn from a Professional Hormone Test

Many men are suffering needlessly from a hormone imbalance every day. Whether it is severe cramps, unexplained weight gain, fatigue, or general bad health, none of these symptoms are considered “normal aging symptoms.” They all indicate some kind of hormone imbalance that could typically be corrected through exercise, diet, or supplementation and therapy. A hormone imbalance test from a professional can help identify this. When we talk about hormones, we are not just talking about those you learned about in school. Hormones are a large category that plays a unique role in keeping your body functioning right. Read on to learn what it is you could gain from a professional hormone test.


Sex Hormone Levels

Our sex hormones include estrogen and testosterone. The purpose of both of these sex hormones is to ensure you are sexually healthy and active when you need to be. A hormone imbalance could lead to a low sex drive, infertility, and many other odd health defects that you wouldn’t ever chalk up to a hormone imbalance. By taking a hormone test, you can figure out what exactly is causing this imbalance of sex hormones, which will help you get the treatment you need to improve your life.


If you wake up tired in the mornings, wired at nighttime, or feel like you have to nap in the afternoon, you might be suffering from adrenal fatigue. The official medical term for this is HPA dysfunction. Chronic stress over months and months to years causes an imbalance in our HPA axis, leading to elevated and suppressed cortisol levels. Cortisol acts on a circadian rhythm in our bodies. It should normally peak at about six to nine AM and gradually go down as the day passes so that melatonin can rise at night for a good night’s sleep. Hormone imbalance testing can show us how your cortisol levels act throughout the day and identify a potential imbalance. This type of disorder could also lead to unexplained weight gain, something that might leave you feeling very perplexed if you’re living a healthy lifestyle already.


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