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What Types of Hormone Therapy Options are Available for Men Experiencing Andropause Symptoms?

The human body is always going through changes. Day by day, and year by year, hormone alterations that seem minor and gradual can have serious impacts over time. While all men know about the hormonal changes that they go through during puberty, fewer are aware of the testosterone loss some may experience over time, otherwise known as andropause. Andropause is known as the male menopause, and it occurs when testosterone levels dip to suboptimal levels. This can have a real negative impact on your life, causing mental, emotional, and physical stress. But not to worry, there are plenty of hormone therapy options for andropause that can help you rebalance your testosterone levels to alleviate those symptoms. Read on to learn more about andropause and how hormone therapy treatment options can help!


How to Understand Andropause

Some men will have low testosterone levels when they reach anywhere from the ages of 25 to 40. It can vary a lot and depends on a lot of different factors, mostly genetic. Andropause symptoms can affect men ages 50 and older too. Although there is no hard or fast rule and a large amount of variance, men usually lose a small bit of their testosterone production a bit after the age of 40. For many men, this is not much of an issue at all. However, testosterone levels can fall below what is considered an optimal level for some men. This is when symptoms of fatigue, low sex drive, inability to gain muscle, weight gain, insomnia, anxiety, and irritability might begin to show up. The severity of these symptoms can vary for a lot of men, so it is wise to get the necessary treatment if it gets too bad.

Hormone Therapy Treatment Options for Andropause

Some common forms of hormone therapy options for men experiencing andropause are:

Hormone therapy is an incredible way for you to get your health back on track. For more information on hormone rebalancing for andropause symptoms, give LifeXMD a call today!


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