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What Every Man Needs to Know About Muscle Mass

LifeXMD muscle mass

Discover how muscle mass can lead to great health overall.

Whether you consider yourself a “gym rat” or not, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about your muscle mass over the years. Maybe you wish your muscles were bigger, or perhaps you have noticed a decline and are wondering what you can do to keep up your prior physique. Regardless of whether you have actively spent time building your muscle, if you’re interested in improving your overall health, your muscle mass is crucial. At LifeXMD, we work to help our clients reach their optimal health. A few of our therapies, including testosterone replacement therapy, can help you build muscle mass and improve your wellbeing. 

Muscle Mass Helps You Shed Body Fat 

If you are gaining weight, your testosterone hormone levels may be lower than where they should be. Low testosterone can also lead to muscle loss, or “sarcopenia.” 

Fat doesn’t burn any calories. Muscle does, however, so the more muscles you build, the easier it is to burn off calories in the form of excess fat. 

Muscle Mass Keeps Bones Strong 

Although it may be more common in women, men can suffer from osteoporosis or bone loss as they age. Men account for about 30% of all hip fractures, which can be hugely debilitating, especially as an older adult. 

Strength training can slow and even reverse bone loss because bone regenerates itself when subjected to healthy stress. By working to build up your muscles, you also strengthen your bones. The muscles exert pressure on the bones to keep them healthy and building new bone cells. 

Testosterone Produces Muscle

More testosterone means more muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the stronger and leaner you usually are. 

The physicians at LifeXMD can help you create a customized plan that helps you optimize your muscle mass. This plan can include testosterone therapy and diet and exercise recommendations that will further help you shed weight, gain muscle, and create new habits. 

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Helps Build Muscles

To end the vicious cycles of weight gain and low T levels, you may pursue testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). At LifeXMD, we use blood work results to analyze your hormone levels and determine what you need to feel like yourself again. TRT can make you feel healthy, vital, and strong again by making it easier to gain muscle and lose weight. 

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