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Use Testosterone Replacement Therapy to Transform Your Sexual Health

lifeXMD testosterone replacement therapy sexual health

Use testosterone replacement therapy to transform your sexual health for the better.

It is estimated that nearly 4.5 million older American men have low testosterone or hypogonadism. Low testosterone can lead to many undesirable symptoms, including weight gain, difficulty concentrating, and high blood pressure. Low T levels, however, can also affect your sexual health. This includes a decline in sexual interest and erectile dysfunction. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has been used to help many men with low T, to increase their hormone levels, and decrease their negative symptoms. LifeXMD offers TRT to our patients in need of this treatment. If you believe testosterone therapy could transform your sexual health, read on to learn more about its impact. 

The Importance of Sexuality As You Age 

A healthy sex life is beneficial at any age. A recent study examined the sex lives of adults from age 50 to 89 and found that those who reported taking part in any sexual activity, even kissing, had higher quality of life scores. This study also noted that many men had anxiety around sexual concerns, including erectile dysfunction. This anxiety can negatively impact your sexual experiences and, therefore, your general happiness. Low testosterone is often one of the causes of ED and other sexual anxieties, but it, fortunately, is a problem that can be addressed. 

How Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Improve Sexual Health 

Before the physicians at LifeXMD prescribe treatment, they will examine your physical health, blood work, and health history. If you have less-than-optimal testosterone levels, TRT may be the solution for you. Researchers have found that testosterone replacement therapy boosted erectile function, sexual health, and overall quality of life scores for their patients. 

Men who participated in TRT often found an increase not only in erectile function and responsiveness but also in their interest in sexual activity and overall satisfaction with their experiences. 

How TRT Influences Your Mood 

When you have low testosterone levels, you are more likely to experience mood changes and depressive symptoms. These symptoms can lead to further negative outcomes for your sexual health. While antidepressants may help, some of them can actually worsen low libido. By contrast, testosterone replacement therapy can help improve your mood along with your libido and sexual performance. Together, these improvements lead to better sexual health and happiness as you age. 

When you participate in TRT at LifeXMD, you can be confident that you are receiving the best treatment. Testosterone placement therapy uses bioidentical hormones that match the hormones produced by your body. We only work with FDA-approved and accredited pharmacies to ensure our patients receive the best care.

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