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Thyroid Treatment: a Few Symptoms of an Imbalanced Thyroid and How to Treat it

If you are reading this, you’re likely curious about your thyroid hormones and how they might be affecting your health. A thyroid hormone is a metabolic hormone secreted by the thyroid gland. It helps regulate body temperature, metabolism, and cerebral functions. Read on for more information about how thyroid hormones function, what happens when you don’t have enough, and how to fix it. No matter what symptoms you are experiencing, the physicians at LifeXMD can help you find a treatment plan that works.

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Understanding the Thyroid Hormone

Thyroid hormones are initially produced in the thyroid gland as T-4. Once inside the body, this circulating T-4 is converted to the active thyroid form known as T-3. Too much or too little of the hormones being released can have widespread effects on your body. An underactive thyroid is “hypothyroidism,” while an underactive thyroid is “hyperthyroidism.”

As we age, the production of T-4 is diminished, which results in less stimulation of our cells. Our bodies need thyroid hormones for metabolism too. If your metabolism is low, it can affect every organ and system in your body. This is why it’s so important to make sure your thyroid levels are optimized.

Symptoms of a Malfunctioning Thyroid

People who suffer from low thyroid function, or hypothyroidism, typically experience the following symptoms:

Most of these conditions are considered typical side effects of aging. However, we now know that it could also be due to thyroid insufficiency. If you are dealing with hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid, you may experience:

The thyroid hormone can be a considerable component of your overall hormone regimen. Thyroid production does decline as we age, like other hormones. However, recent research has shown that improving thyroid levels will help alleviate most thyroid insufficiency symptoms and allow our system to function more effectively.

How Thyroid Treatment Can Help You

Many great things can happen when one undergoes thyroid optimization treatment with LifeXMD. Your treatment can result in increased energy and body temperature. It also helps boost fat breakdown resulting in weight loss and lower cholesterol levels. Treatment can also protect against cardiovascular diseases by lowering cholesterol and can help improve your cerebral metabolism by preventing cognitive impairment. Thyroid optimization treatment also relieves symptoms like hair thinning, dried skin, and thin nails. Your thyroid hormone affects every cell in your body, and proper treatment can improve your body’s well-being.

At LifeXMD, we always tailor each patient’s program to suit their body’s needs. Through our Thyroid Hormone Optimization program, you can experience a stabilization or total relief of your symptoms.

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