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The Top Causes of Low Sex Drive?

As you age, you might begin to realize that you aren’t who you used to be in some ways. Low sex drive can have many different causes, so it can be a challenge to sort out which factors are in play. Sometimes the cause is apparent, and other times it is harder to determine. Symptoms can come in various forms, so your treatment must be customized to be effective. If you’re ready to return your sex drive to normal, read on to learn what may be causing your problem and how LifeXMD can help!



Fatigue is a common cause of a low sex drive. Longer hours at work, juggling too many responsibilities, and other factors can all add to a lack of sexual interest. Sexual desire requires a certain amount of mental and physical energy. When someone is overly tired or drained, the basis for libido is not there.

If you are experiencing chronic fatigue, this might also point to other health issues. Low testosterone, thyroid issues, and sleep disorders can all lead to chronic fatigue, which can, in turn, lower your sexual drive. At LifeXMD, our complete physical examination and blood work will determine if you have an underlying issue.


Stress and stressful events in your life also put a dent in your sex drive. Everyday life events like moving house, financial struggles, a death in the family, starting a new job, or an illness can all contribute to increased stress in your life – and potentially lower your sex drive.

We all experience brief periods of stress, but your body’s hormone levels are disrupted when your stress is chronic. Your arteries can also narrow and restrict blood flow in response to stress, which in turn can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone can be a leading factor in both men and women. Testosterone is an essential hormone for the sex drive in either gender. In men, testosterone levels tend to decrease with age. However, some men may develop deficient testosterone levels earlier in life that result in a low sex drive.

More men are increasingly interested in exploring testosterone replacement therapy to increase their sex drive. LifeXMD provides our patients with several hormone optimization treatments and peptide therapies that can help increase testosterone levels and boost their sex drive.

How to Increase Your Sex Drive

There are a few ways you can improve your sex drive. Hormone replacement therapy can be used to balance your hormones and improve your sexual performance. This treatment is available from LifeXMD in topical creams, pills, or injections. Bremelanotide PT141 is a peptide therapy available for men and women that elevates your sex drive and libido.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms of a low sex drive, give LifeXMD a call today for a proper assessment!


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