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Weight Loss

LifeXMD’s comprehensive treatment programs for wellness will help you meet your weight loss goals safely and efficiently. From Arizona to Florida, we provide exemplary service and advanced treatments to clients in all 50 states. All of our therapies, medications, and supplements come from the highest accredited, FDA-licensed compound pharmacies to ensure our patients receive the best care. We provide complimentary consultations and customize nutrition programs to meet your specific needs. From hormone optimization to weight loss supplements and nutraceuticals, we offer a wide range of services that target weight loss and promote a healthier lifestyle. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

Weight Loss Management Programs

At LifeXMD, we’re committed to improving our patients’ quality of life, and we provide a wide range of solutions to help you look and feel your best. Each weight loss program is custom-tailored to accommodate your distinct health goals, lifestyle, and budget constraints. Unlike dieting, our weight loss programs are long-term solutions that yield lasting results and require a permanent lifestyle change.

There are several key causes of weight gain. A couple of them are: hormone deficiency or poor diet. During your complimentary consultation, our team will identify the root cause of your weight gain and devise a custom-fit nutrition program to optimize your health and wellness. One of our most effective weight loss strategies is hormone optimization. We customize your hormones with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to help you reach your ideal weight and prevent further weight gain. Additionally, we prescribe weight loss medications and supplements, such as fat burners. Many vitamins and nutraceuticals will boost your energy levels and burn calories and body fat.

We also offer programs for increased body fat and lean muscle mass. These programs are ideal for athletes who hope to bulk up and work in strength training exercises. Our health and fitness consultants will work with you to optimize your wellness and create a custom-fit program to enhance your overall muscle mass.

How does the process work?

  • Step 1

    Complimentary Consultation and Health History Evaluation

    The goal is to work with you to find out which program will work best according to how you feel and want to feel.

  • Step 2

    Lab Work and Physical Evaluation

    Our staff will set up lab work near you and assist in obtaining a physical evaluation.

  • Step 3

    Physical Consultation and Lab Work Review

    You are scheduled with a LifeXMD physician to review lab results either in office or from the convenience of your home via telemedicine.

  • Step 4

    Customized Program Mailed to Your Door

    Your physician designed program will be mailed directly to your door from one of our pharmacies along with instructions, guidance, and live support.

From hormone optimization to peptide therapy, LifeXMD can do it all. For more information about our weight loss programs, please contact us today!

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