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September To Remember Sale

All products listed are made and will be shipped within 2-3 business days overnight.*


Ephedra – fat burning stimulant blend 

ECA 90 ct 25mg – regularly $150 now $90 (Qty available: 12 bottles)


Delta Sleep inducing peptide (DSIP) – Get into deep sleep fast & stay there

5mg vial. Regularly – $325 now $275  (Qty available: 5 vials)


Tadalafil + apomorphine (the newest significantly stronger version of generic Cialis)

Double strength = two doses per troche minimum.

10 X 30mg Tadalafil + 6mg Apomorphine troche regularly $250 now $210

Buy 30 qty for $600 (Save $150). (Qty available: 200 troches) minimum order 10.


Melanotan – Improve summer tan look while improving sexual performance. Same ingredients in PT-141.

10mg Vial regularly $275 now 245.00 (Qty available: 3)


PT-141 (Bremlanotide)

20mg vial regularly $299 now $249 (Qty available: 4)


Glutathione Super antioxidant to improve immunity, fight age related disease, and stay healthy, improve liver and kidney health

200mg/ml 30ml Vial-  Regularly $249. Now $199. (Qty available: 10)



2mg vial regularly $749 now $699 (Qty available: 2)

10mg Vial regularly $1750 now $1500 (Qty available: 3)



15mg vial regularly $325 now $299 (Qty available: 5)


To place an order contact us via live web chat, phone, email, text. All staff can assist in placing your order.

Sale runs 24 hrs or until inventory listed is gone. First come first serve. We cannot hold it for you. All sales are final.



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