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Memory Problems? The Issue May Be Hormonal

Are you increasingly forgetting names, familiar words or expressions, and where you left your keys or sunglasses? You may think this is a typical side effect of growing older. On the contrary, your memory problems may result from hormonal imbalances in your body. Your thyroid hormones or testosterone in your body may be declining because of age, but you don’t have to settle for the negative consequences of this hormonal change. Memory lapses can become a thing of the past when you pursue hormone therapy with LifeXMD. If you are experiencing the following symptoms, schedule a consultation with our physicians today so we can determine the precise cause of this problem.

Is Your Thyroid Sluggish?

Your thyroid is a gland at the base of your throat that produces thyroid hormones T4 and T3. Thyroid hormones control many bodily functions, including your brain and metabolism. When T4 or T3 is low, you have hypothyroidism which means that your metabolism and mental functions move more slowly – this, of course, results in memory problems.

You may have hypothyroidism if you are also experiencing odd symptoms like feeling cold when others do not. A blood test at LifeXMD can help determine if low T3 and T4 levels are causing your problems.

Are Your Adrenals More Active?

Your adrenal glands release “stress” hormones, like epinephrine and cortisol. These hormones arouse your emotions and awareness of your surroundings to help you navigate stressful situations.

However, these hormones are only supposed to surge briefly. Too much cortisol wears out your adrenals and keeps your brain in such a high-alert state that it can’t function as well over time. If your cortisol levels are too high, relaxation techniques and therapeutic solutions may help you get these hormones under control. A happy, relaxed brain is better able to retrieve memories

Have Your Testosterone Levels Cratered?

Although you may associate testosterone with gaining muscle and providing you with the body hair and deep voice that appeared in adolescence, testosterone also influences how your brain functions.

When your T levels drop, so do your cognitive abilities. If your testosterone levels are low and you’re experiencing a host of symptoms like increased fat gain and ED in addition to your memory problems, testosterone replacement therapy may be your ideal solution.

Ultimately, you should never shrug off memory lapses or jump to worrying conclusions about your problems. Take action and investigate what might be behind these memory issues: it’s likely that you’re experiencing a decline in your hormones that can be easily remedied with customized treatment.

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