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Low Testosterone Myths Debunked: The Truth About Testosterone

Low Testosterone Myths Debunked: The Truth About Testosterone

The misconceptions about low testosterone usually keep individuals from seeking the proper treatment they need.

Many men experience lower levels of the hormone testosterone. Unfortunately, this often results in some uncomfortable symptoms, like fatigue, sexual dysfunction, loss of muscles, difficulty focusing, anxiety or uneasiness, and more. Even more, the misconceptions about low testosterone usually keep individuals from seeking the proper treatment they need to find enough relief. Read on for a much closer look at the biggest low testosterone myths and facts that you need to know!

Myth 1: Low Testosterone Levels are Normal as You Age

Do you think lower T levels are inevitable as you grow old? That is a myth, and it keeps a lot of individuals from getting the therapy that they need. While aging can cause testosterone levels to decrease to an extent, a few men experience significant drops beneath the healthy range of the testosterone hormone. Truly low T levels are not normal and can result in physical symptoms like muscle mass loss, low exercise tolerance, and fatigue. Other issues that might come with abnormally low testosterone include erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, concentration problems, and depression.

Myth 2: Aging Men are the Only Ones to Experience Low Testosterone Levels

The facts have shown that low T levels can affect men of all different ages, not just aging men. Even if you’re a younger man, you should talk to a physician and get tested immediately if you have any lower testosterone symptoms. LifeXMD can help you with the right form of treatment after a physician has determined the root cause of your issue too.

Myth 3: Low Testosterone impacts only Your Sex Drive

In men, low sex drive is typically one of the first signs of lower testosterone levels. However, lower levels of this hormone are also linked to low energy, a lack of motivation, fatigue, and mood swings.

Myth 4: Low Testosterone Has Nothing to Do with Your Lifestyle Habits

The facts show that certain lifestyle choices might negatively affect your overall testosterone levels. Obesity and smoking are both shown to mess with your testosterone production. Studies have also shown that diet and excise for obese or overweight men usually increased their testosterone levels. Pair this with a personally-tailored hormone therapy plan, and your T levels should rebalance or go up.

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