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Signs You Might Need Testosterone Optimization Services

ymptoms of low testosterone can have a major impact on your lifestyle. Whether you experience mood swings, low energy or physical changes, it can be challenging to face these symptoms every day. Many men do not seek treatment for low testosterone because it’s seen as a typical sign of aging. While changes as you age are natural, you have options for optimizing your health and improving your quality of life.

5 Signs You Might Need Testosterone Optimization Services

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Understanding Hormones

If you’re considering a testosterone optimization program, it’s essential to first understand hormones and why you may be experiencing the symptoms you have.

The Endocrine System

The endocrine system consists of all the organs responsible for regulating hormones in the body, including:

Each of these organs has different hormone production responsibilities that regulate the body. The hormones travel through the bloodstream to reach the organs and cells that need them. When an endocrine organ fails to produce the required hormones, your body can experience a range of symptoms.

Men and Hormones

Androgens are male sex hormones that help develop mature adult male sex characteristics. Testosterone is the most essential androgen because it’s responsible for physical developments in the body, sperm production and overall health. Testosterone influences mood and sex drive, and some even convert to estrogen — the female sex hormone — to support bone health.

Men and Hormones

While men don’t experience menopause like women, they may experience andropause. This process leads to a drop in testosterone, which may result in various symptoms.

Why Do Hormones Change?

One of the most common reasons that hormones change is aging. The endocrine system functions less as our bodies get older, and the hormones that it controls often diminish too. In some cases, hormone levels may stay the same, but the receptors that read these hormones become less sensitive. It is most typical for hormone levels to reduce versus a decline in receptor sensitivity.

Beyond aging, some health conditions can be responsible for shifts in hormone levels. For example, conditions that lead to poor circulation often disrupt the endocrine system because it relies on a consistent blood supply to deliver hormones to different parts of the body. A heart attack or clogged arteries may result in poor circulation, and the odds of these conditions increase with age.

One of the leading causes of hormone changes is diabetes. This disease prevents the pancreas from developing enough insulin, which prevents the body from gaining the energy it needs from glucose.

How a Hormone Imbalance Impacts Your Energy Levels

Hormones are essential for your well-being. Produced by the glands and organs of your endocrine system, your body’s hormones are distinct chemicals that control various functions from metabolism to energy production. For example, increased cortisol levels help you wake up in the morning, while increased melatonin helps you fall asleep at night. When you realize how vital hormones are to your energy levels, it makes sense that a hormonal imbalance may wreak havoc on your energy and daily routine.

Thyroid Hormones

The hormones of your thyroid gland are responsible for maintaining the balance in your body. They influence temperature, metabolism, heart rate, mood, and energy. When you are suffering from hypothyroidism–or abnormally low levels of thyroid hormones–your body systems slow down, often leading to fatigue. When less energy is consumed, digestion slows, and serotonin levels decrease, you may gain weight, become constipated, and depressed.

Adrenal Hormones

Cortisol is the primary hormone produced by the adrenal glands. Cortisol responds to your body’s energy needs by regulating metabolism and hunger. Chronic stress can often disrupt this system and harm your body’s ability to function optimally.


Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. When you have a testosterone hormone imbalance, you may notice a diminished sex drive, loss of muscle mass, and mood changes. But decreased testosterone can also cause low energy levels, which may severely impact your ability to enjoy your life and focus on your work and relationships.

How Are Hormone Deficiencies Diagnosed?

The symptoms of hormone deficiency can be wide-ranging and may also associate with other conditions. We can help you determine if your symptoms are a result of hormone deficiency and what level of treatment is needed.

Since hormone levels vary for every person, it can be challenging to determine at what point medical intervention is necessary. Various studies have helped doctors develop healthy ranges for hormone levels. If your measurement falls below the optimal range, you may need hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

How to Treat a Hormone Imbalance

To treat your individual hormone levels, a lab test is conducted to establish a baseline value for your body. This value is then used as a guide as your symptoms are treated. There is no number set in stone that indicates an imbalance. The goal for each person is to treat unpleasant symptoms until they are alleviated.

At LifeXMD, we have many hormone therapy options available to our clients. Before we prescribe any treatment, however, we conduct a thorough physical exam and a complete hormone panel to analyze the hormone levels in your body. This can help us determine which hormones have room for improvement.

Once we know which hormones need to be optimized, we can prescribe the best and most effective treatment for your needs.

Types of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is a clinically proven method for increasing levels of a specific hormone in your body. This therapy is most common for aging adults experiencing drops in their sex hormones and the symptoms that come with these declines.

In addition to HRT, you can help restore your testosterone with the following:

Optimization programs: This well-rounded approach to low testosterone uses a combination of methods to increase levels. There is no one size fits all to hormone optimization programs


What Is Testosterone Optimization?

What Is Testosterone Optimization?

Testosterone optimization programs are custom treatment plans to increase your testosterone levels. Rather than just administering testosterone through an injection, optimization programs take a holistic approach to wellness and determine various areas where testosterone levels can be supported w the use of other deficient hormones. You want to fix all deficiencies or imbalances.

These optimization programs may include testosterone replacement therapy, but they can also factor in a variety of supplements and other therapies to get your body to its optimal condition. For example, Type II diabetes may inhibit testosterone production. If you have this type of diabetes, a testosterone optimization program may include nutritional supplements and weight loss recommendations to help you achieve the best results and even peptide thearpy to lower blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

This program typically begins with a comprehensive blood panel to uncover low levels of hormones. These panels may even reveal other areas that need support, such as your thyroid, DHEA, Human Growth Hormone, Pregenolone, Estradiol and progesterone in some women. There is no one size fits all – this is a case-by-case designed program.

Testosterone optimization programs can be more beneficial than hormone replacement therapy because they gain a more holistic view of your health. While low testosterone can be a result of aging, your entire body is a connected system. There may be areas where wellness can be improved and your testosterone levels increase as a result.

Additionally, you may be experiencing symptoms that are not as related to testosterone levels as they are to other areas of the body. Optimization programs may pinpoint these areas with the ultimate goal to help improve your overall quality of life.

5 Signs of Needing Testosterone Optimization

5 Signs of Needing Testosterone Optimization

You might be a good candidate for a testosterone optimization program if you’re experiencing one or more of these signs.

1. Mood Changes

Abrupt mood changes and swings can be challenging to manage. You may feel happy and energized one hour, and sad or inexplicably angry the next. These mood swings can be confusing and may even put a strain on your relationships with loved ones. This could be a sign of low testosterone.

2. Physical Changes

Unexplainable weight changes, low libido and changes in muscle mass can be symptoms of low testosterone. These symptoms are worth discussing with a trained medical professional if they’re persistent and do not seem related to environmental or circumstantial factors.

3. Poor Concentration

Testosterone can also play a role in your brain’s ability to concentrate. If you’re noticing a constant brain fog or having a hard time keeping up with tasks, this may be a sign that you could benefit from testosterone optimization.

4. Fatigue

Fatigue can occur for many reasons, from stress and illnesses to hormone imbalances. If you’re finding that you’re exhausted, even with a good night’s sleep, you may have low testosterone. An optimization program may help you wake up well-rested.

5. Failure of Alternative Treatments

If you’ve been experiencing some of the above issues for a long time, you may have already pursued treatment. Whether you tried at-home remedies or started taking supplements, you might find your current treatments aren’t fixing the problem. When alternative treatments continue to fail, that’s a good sign you may benefit from testosterone optimization.

Implementing a Testosterone Optimization Program

At LifeXMD, we are certified physicians offering wellness optimization services for a range of needs. Whether you’re experiencing typical symptoms of aging, or you want to optimize your body for your lifestyle, we provide the specialized treatments and pharmaceutical-grade supplements necessary for health improvements.

Our team becomes your trusted support system as you integrate new wellness techniques into your life. From bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to vitamins and peptide therapies, we work together to implement the solution that addresses your biggest wellness challenges.

LifeXMD can work with you on an individualized basis to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for our Testosterone Optimization program. Our physicians can perform a complimentary consultation, health history evaluation, lab work and full review to get to the root of your underlying symptoms. Since testosterone plays a vital role in men’s bodies, it’s critical to address low-T levels. LifeXMD can provide comprehensive supplementation solutions to increase your quality of life and testosterone levels.
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