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Injury Healing & Prevention with Amniotic Injections Can Help Men and Women Reclaim Their Active Lifestyle

amniotic injections

At LifeXMD, our certified physicians can provide qualifying patients with amniotic injections to help reclaim their active lifestyle.

At LifeXMD, our certified physicians can provide qualifying patients with Amniox ClarixFlo injections to help reclaim their lifestyles following a muscular injury. Whether your injury is caused by exercise, accident, or ongoing inflammation, we can help. LifeXMD provides injury healing and prevention services that can get you back on the road to living an active lifestyle through our comprehensive treatment programs that are custom-tailored to each patient with compounded FDA-manufactured and approved supplements. Our professional team of experts can assist patients on a national level to treat a wide variety of injuries, including tendonitis and golfer’s elbow, that may restrict their mobility and quality of life. Incorporating Amniox ClarixFlo injections into your healing plan can prevent additional injuries from occurring, reduce inflammation, increase mobility, and decrease the pain or discomfort associated with your injury. Here’s how.

Amniotic Injections Assist with Healing

When traditional treatments fail to provide you with pain and discomfort relief from various injuries caused by exercise or ongoing inflammation, Amniox ClarixFlo injections can help. Amniox ClarixFlo injections contain amniotic tissue and umbilical particulates donated from healthy newborns at birth. This substance can be injected into the general area where your pain is felt and provide relief to patients, often after only one injection. Over the course of 6 to 8 weeks, patients often report a decrease in pain and an increased motion range and can return to their active lifestyle confidently.

Incorporating Amniotic Injections into Your Treatment Plan

Following a comprehensive health history evaluation and consultation with one of our expert physicians, you might qualify for Amniox ClarixFlo injections as part of your treatment plan. According to the Pain Relief Institute, amniotic injections work by fighting inflammation and promoting re-epithelialization, which plays a significant role in generating healthy cells. Qualifying patients often prefer amniotic injections over stem cell injection therapy since it can be performed in-office, is significantly more affordable, and safer than stem cell injections which have to be directly administered into your joint or disc. Contact LifeXMD today to schedule a complimentary consultation for Amniox ClarixFlo injections!

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