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How to Ease the Most Common Low Testosterone Issues

It is easy to dismiss the changes in your body, mind, and energy levels as signs of aging and ignore the slight possibility that it might be low testosterone. In fact, your testosterone levels signal that you are getting older by naturally dropping a bit each year once you turn 30. However, some emotional, physical, and sexual signs might indicate lower-than-usual testosterone levels. The uplifting news is that these kinds of problems are quite typical for men over 30 with low testosterone and that you have options for dealing with it. Here are a few of the most common low testosterone issues and how to deal with them.

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Issue: Fatigue

Do you struggle to getting out of bed every morning or play catch with your kids? If you are always tired, and it is affecting your routine and relationships, you might be suffering from low testosterone. It is also possible that you could be suffering from a hormone imbalance. Some solutions? Try getting more sleep at night. Try to get nine hours of sleep each night. This will help you rebalance your T-levels. If you’re suffering from a hormone imbalance, it is recommended to do a lab test to help you get to the main root cause of the imbalance. From there, you can find a proper form of treatment.

Issue: Diminished Libido

We understand that a lower sex drive is an extremely personal issue. Diminished libido is common in aging men to some extent, but most men have at least some sexual desire into their 60s and 70s. If you’re under 60 and still desire your partner, but are struggling to connect physically, low testosterone could be the main culprit. The solutions? Ask your partner if they’ve noticed anything different. Sometimes our loved ones can spot changes before we even see. You could also schedule an appointment with a hormonal therapy expert from LifeXMD to discuss your symptoms. They will be able to create an action plan with treatments to make you feel more like yourself again.

Issue: Weight Gain

It is very normal for your metabolism to slow down each year as you age, causing a bit of weight gain. But if you have gained a noticeable amount of weight, it could be because of lower testosterone levels, which leads to less fat being burned more efficiently. The solution to this is to start exercising and pay attention to your weight more often. A healthy diet will can help you manage your weight and increase your testosterone levels.


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