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How Testosterone Treatment Can Positively Impact Men’s Health

Testosterone has always commonly been known as the male sex hormone. It has recently been shown to be linked to much longer and healthier lives in both men and women. As testosterone levels start to decline with age, health problems accompany this loss of hormone. Testosterone replenishment results in increased lean body mass, muscle strength, improved sexual response, reversal of impotence, and improved overall body composition. It has also been shown to prevent joint damage or degenerative damage. Read on to learn precisely how testosterone treatment, whether in replacement therapy or supplementation, can positively impact a man’s health!


Testosterone and Sex Drive

Men who receive any testosterone replacement report that they feel sexier, healthier, and stronger. They state that it usually makes them feel as if they did in their prime. After all, this is what the replenishment of hormones is about, restoring hormones to those youthful levels, so you feel as if you’re at the peak of your mental and physical ability. If your testosterone levels decline, so will the sexual functioning of your body – and this applies to men and women. Restoring your T levels to youthful levels can reverse this situation.

Cholesterol Levels and Heart Disease with Testosterone Supplementation

Studies have shown that natural testosterone replacement results in decreased total cholesterol and increased HDL, or the “good cholesterol, for men. This is similar to what has been realized in women who take estrogen supplements. Testosterone has shown to positively affect men’s health and well-being, moods, and ability to focus and retain information.

Testosterone deficiency has also been shown to play a role in heart disease. Patients with arterial blockage have shown to have the lowest testosterone levels in one study of about 2,500 men. This study, which was from UC San Diego, not only showed men with higher levels of testosterone had fewer cardiovascular issues, but supplementing to those youthful levels prevented the worsening of any cardiovascular issues.


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