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How Peptides Play a Role in Your Health While Aging

There has been a lot of discussion about peptides as a primary therapeutic option for chronic and acute conditions. The environment and landscape is quickly unfolding to embrace peptides as one other treatment options. Currently, there are countless trials involving peptides, and there are around 500 more pre-clinical trials that will begin soon. As of today, there are around 60 peptide drugs that the FDA approves. They’re safe, potent, and specific, with little or no side effects. Peptides are made up of amino acids. When specific amino acids are combined, this creates various types of peptides, which can be used to help your health, especially as you age. As we age, all of us lose the ability to produce growth hormones, which directly affects our health. Read on to learn how peptides play a role in improving your health as you age!


What Aging Could Lead Do

How Peptides Work to Fight Against Aging Symptoms

There are various peptides that work on multiple areas of the body. To begin, we need to understand just how our bodies function, especially the growth hormone. The pituitary gland produces the growth hormone. With peptides, we recreate the potential of our growth hormone release in a physiologic form. Specific peptides are made to stimulate particular receptors on the pituitary gland. These types of peptides stimulate your body to produce isoforms, which are essentially different forms of growth hormone. It is basically helping produce your own growth hormone naturally, to help bring back the physiologic production from your younger days. Some various peptide treatments that can help are CJC-1295, Ipamorelin, BPC-157, MK-677 or Ibutamorein, PT-141 aka Bremlanotide and Thymosin Beta 4.

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