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How Oxytocin Can Increase Both Pleasure and Intimacy

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Oxytocin supplements can increase your physical desire and sense of intimacy.

If you have noticed a decline in your sexual performance and satisfaction, you don’t have to settle for this change in your body. While you may be familiar with various treatments that can address sexual performance and function, those aren’t enough to give you back the pleasure that can come from intimacy with your partner. To increase both your sexual pleasure and intimacy, oxytocin is the key. This natural substance is safe to use and can transform your physical pleasure. 

What Does Oxytocin Do? 

Oxytocin is known as the “love hormone,” as it promotes feelings of closeness between not just romantic partners but friends, children and mothers, and even pets. During sexual intercourse, the brain is typically flooded with oxytocin to produce a cascade of hormonal reactions that increase your desire to touch and be touched. 

However, as we age, the amount of oxytocin produced by the hypothalamus falls significantly. The following symptoms may indicate that your oxytocin levels are declining: 

  • Anxiety and poor sleep
  • Depression 
  • Poor management of chronic stress
  • A tendency to want to be alone
  • Hypothyroidism 

How Can Oxytocin Supplements Help? 

Taking oxytocin supplements can help restore your natural levels of oxytocin. These supplements can help you increase your sociability, affection, tenderness, and a desire to be closer to your loved ones. This supplement can also help regulate your sleep and contribute to a greater sense of general well-being. 

Researchers believe that these widespread benefits of oxytocin are due to its ability to counter anxiety, stress, and the effects of cortisol. Given its ability to strengthen emotional bonds and enhance feelings of sexual intimacy and satisfaction, oxytocin is the closest thing you can find to a natural “love potion.”

Explore Oxytocin Treatment at LifeXMD

If your health and sexual happiness can benefit from oxytocin supplements, contact LifeXMD today! Our experienced physicians will examine your physical health and hormone panel to determine if oxytocin can positively impact your life. All of our supplements are sourced from accredited and FDA-approved compound pharmacies, which guarantee the highest quality possible. 

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