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Correcting Common Myths About Low Testosterone

LifeXMD myths about low testosterone

Learn the truth behind a few myths about low testosterone levels.

Many men may experience low levels of the hormone testosterone in their lifetime. Because every hormone in the body must be kept at normal levels, you may often notice fatigue, loss of muscle mass, difficulty concentrating, sexual dysfunction, and more when you have less testosterone. Low testosterone levels can be fixed with help from a knowledgeable physician. However, there are many misconceptions and myths about low testosterone that can keep individuals from seeking the treatment they need. Below, we correct some of the most common myths about low testosterone levels. 

Low Testosterone Is Normal As You Age

Many people assume that low testosterone levels are inevitable. However, while aging can cause testosterone levels to decrease slightly, significant drops in testosterone are not standard and can be treated. 

Only Aging Men Experience Low Testosterone

One of the most common myths about low testosterone is that only aging men experience it. However, low testosterone can affect men of all ages. If you are a younger man and experience symptoms of low testosterone, you should seek treatment. 

Low Testosterone Only Affects Your Libido

In men, a low sex drive is one of the first signs of low testosterone levels. However, low testosterone levels are also linked to low energy, lack of motivation, fatigue, and mood swings. Low testosterone can affect your entire well-being, which is why treatment is essential. 

Low Testosterone Is Unrelated to Your Lifestyle

It is a myth that your habits do not affect your hormone levels. In fact, research has shown that smoking and obesity can interfere with testosterone production. Diet and exercise can be a part of a comprehensive treatment plan to restore healthy testosterone levels. 

BHRT Therapy Isn’t Any Different From Traditional TRT 

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is significantly different from traditional testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Bioidentical hormones come from naturally occurring sources and are structurally indistinguishable from the hormones your body naturally produces. This reduces the risks of side effects that patients experience while boosting the effectiveness of hormone therapy. 

If you are ready to boost your low testosterone levels, schedule a consultation at LifeXMD today to meet with a physician who can recommend bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and other treatments. With the proper treatment plan, you can restore your energy, improve your sexual performance and mood, and increase muscle mass. 

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