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Comparing the Effectiveness of Pharmaceutical-Grade Vitamins and OTC Vitamins

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Pharmaceutical-grade vitamins are always going to be more beneficial than over-the-counter alternatives.

Many people decide to take vitamins and supplements to boost deficiencies in their bodies and provide crucial overall support and vitality. However, while there are many OTC, or over-the-counter, vitamins available to customers in various stores, those vitamins are not nearly as effective as many people believe. The differences between pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and OTC vitamins come down to one crucial fact: the government does not regulate OTC supplements. If you take supplements to enhance or repair your health, you should consider purchasing only pharmaceutical-grade supplements. LifeXMD only supplies our clients with these high-quality products to guarantee better quality, faster absorption, and improved safety.

Table of Contents:

The Purity of Medical-Grade Vitamins

Pharmaceutical-grade supplements are made to ensure a high standard of purity and maximum absorption. Pharmaceutical-grade products must exceed 99% purity and not contain fillers, binders, dyes, or inactive ingredients and undergo thorough testing to ensure quality. If you ingest OTC vitamins containing dyes and fillers, those elements can make you sick with prolonged use. 

Worth The Price

People often select OTC vitamins and supplements because of the convenience and comparatively low cost. However, you get what you pay for. While OTC vitamins may have a lower price tag than pharmaceutical-grade supplements, their poor quality often means you need to buy and ingest more of these supplements to achieve anywhere near the same results as pharmaceutical-grade vitamins. 

Additionally, OTC supplements do not have to list the exact ingredients on their label. This means that you never know exactly what you’re ingesting in these supplements. 

Guaranteed Absorption

The extent to which an ingredient can be absorbed is called “bioavailability.” Choosing pharmaceutical-grade vitamins is the only way to know that you are giving your body the purest, highest-quality, and most bioavailable form of an ingredient possible. OTC vitamins are, by comparison, made with synthetic or cheaper forms of vitamins in lower concentrations. Pharmaceutical-grade supplements are required to be absorbed into the body within 45 minutes, and the ingredients listed on the label must be complete and accurate.

OTC “multivitamins” are often undigested and unabsorbed because there are so many compacted ingredients within one pill. However, pharmaceutical-grade vitamins are required to have a specific bioavailability before being approved for consumption. 

Natural vs. Synthetic

Most OTC vitamin supplements contain ingredients that are synthesized from petrochemicals and sometimes plants. Some people believe there is little difference between the body’s reaction to synthetic and natural vitamin supplements. However, clinical evidence has suggested that our bodies can detect the difference. Additionally, studies have indicated that natural forms of vitamins, including A, B-complex, C, D, and E, are more easily absorbed by the body and have a more profound effect on deficiencies. 

If you want the very best supplements for your overall health, LifeXMD can recommend the pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and nutraceuticals you require. 

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