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Busting Common Testosterone Therapy Myths

LifeXMD testosterone therapy myths

Are these testosterone therapy myths keeping you from seeking treatment? Learn the truth today!

If you have considered testosterone therapy, but have been too anxious because of various ideas about the therapy floating around, let us bust some of those myths. No matter what health treatment you are interested in pursuing, it can be difficult to navigate through the facts and myths you come across. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) from LifeXMD can be an extremely beneficial treatment that optimizes your testosterone levels and relieves many negative symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, and low libido. If you are curious about TRT, read on to learn the truth behind a few testosterone therapy myths. 

Myth 1: TRT Will Make Me Look Like I’m On Steroids

A common misconception about testosterone therapy is that it is basically the same as using performance-enhancing drugs or steroids and that anyone using TRT is just trying to “bulk up.” This is a myth! Every treatment you receive from LifeXMD is safe and consists of bioidentical testosterone – not synthetic. Most of our patients are people who simply want their energy, focus, and libido back to how it was. 

Myth 2: Low Testosterone is Just a Part of Getting Older

Another common myth about testosterone therapy is that low T is just a part of aging, so you just have to deal with it. While everyone experiences some decline in their hormones as they age, serious testosterone deficiency is a real problem and can be diagnosed relatively early in life – as early as age 25! 

Additionally, our life expectancy is longer than it used to be. Why not live longer with a higher quality of life without suffering the symptoms of low testosterone? 

Myth 3: The Higher Your Testosterone Levels, The Better

There is no set testosterone level for everyone. Each individual has their optimal range that they should aim for – what is normal for someone may not be normal for the next guy. So, while high numbers may work for some individuals, someone else may find that exceeding a certain testosterone level will cause some negative side effects that outweigh the benefits. 

Myth 4: I Can Just See My Primary Care Physician for Help

While your primary care physician (PCP) can help with common illnesses or your annual checkup, when you want a specialized testosterone therapy treatment, the experienced physicians at LifeXMD can provide you with the care you need. 

We will conduct a physical exam and use blood work and a hormone panel to determine your optimal testosterone level and what treatment regimen can help you return to that range. We take the time to focus on each patient and listen to their needs, while your primary care physician doesn’t quite have the time to commit to your TRT. 

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of testosterone therapy? Forget misinformation and myths and reach out to LifeXMD today to schedule a consultation.

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