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A Few Ways a Hormone Imbalance Affects Your Health

A Few Ways a Hormone Imbalance Affects Your Health

Hormones do not get the attention they need or deserve when it comes to your overall health.

You eat the right foods, exercise regularly, don’t smoke, and you see your doctor for a checkup regularly, so why don’t you feel “right” at all times? Hormones do not get the attention they need or deserve when it comes to your overall health. While many are always publishing articles about the benefits of eating fresh foods and excising, you usually do not find as many articles explaining just how important a hormonal balance is for your health. For the most part, testosterone and other powerful hormones remain mostly balanced in your younger years, but for some, it can change in an instant. Read on to learn how a hormone imbalance negatively affects your health.

Sleep Issues and Hormones

A hormone imbalance could lead to a possible series of sleep disruptions. Testosterone levels are at their highest while men sleep. Like a woman going through menopause, men going through andropause encounter increased difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. Consistent lack of sleep will further prevent men from achieving proper hormone levels.

Loss of Libido

A hormone imbalance can lead to a loss of libido or a lack of sexual energy. In men, reduced sexual desire is the direct result of lower levels of testosterone. In addition, a lack of testosterone might make it even harder for older men to archive erections (erectile dysfunction).

Head Pain and Fatigue

If you have recently told your doctor you’re always tired and experiencing intense headaches, you could be suffering a hormone imbalance and not just a “seasonal flu.” Taking antibodies for headaches or fatigue will not eliminate your headaches or lack of real energy. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy could help you restore your hormone balance back to normal. This will help maintain your metabolism, increase your overall energy levels, and eliminate any headaches caused by a testosterone deficiency.

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