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5 Andropause Warning Signs to Look For

While most people know that aging women go through menopause, not as many are aware that men go through their own hormonal change: andropause. However, andropause exhibits different symptoms in men who experience this condition. No man’s aging experience will be exactly the same as another’s. However, there are five common andropause warning signs that you can look out for and which indicate it may be time for treatment. If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms, call LifeXMD today to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians, who can recommend the best treatment to help you feel like yourself again. 


Men who are most likely to experience andropause symptoms are usually at or near the peak stress points of their lives, typically in their 40s or 50s. While it may be easy to attribute your fatigue to everyday stresses, andropause-related fatigue goes beyond normal tiredness. This fatigue results in a lack of focus, motivation, and overall energy. Simple tasks suddenly become difficult, and even rest makes you tired. If you notice fatigue of this kind, you may be experiencing andropause.

Weight Gain

While weight gain may occur naturally because of lifestyle factors, it can also be a warning sign indicating andropause. As testosterone levels decrease, you become more susceptible to weight gain, and you may find yourself gaining more even with regular exercise.

If you find your extra pounds gathering around your belly, this especially indicates potential changes to your hormones.

Loss of Muscle Mass

As you gain weight, you often lose muscle mass and tone. With lower testosterone levels, you are not burning through fat in the same way and not building or maintaining muscle. This makes it much harder for you to keep those muscles you’ve worked so hard to build.

Loss of Libido and Erectile Dysfunction

Another troubling warning sign of andropause is a noticeable loss of libido and increased erectile dysfunction. If you notice a change in your interest in sex, and performance problems occurring more than half of the time, this may indicate a need for testosterone therapy.


Hormonal changes can affect not only our bodies but our moods. Mood swings are a common sign of decreased testosterone, but depression is one of the largest warning signs.

This symptom goes beyond just feeling down but can manifest through constant irritability, excessive drinking, and risk-taking. Pay attention to your loved ones if they raise concerns, and pay attention to how you feel – if you don’t feel like yourself, there may be a reason why.

If you notice any of these andropause warning signs, don’t hesitate to seek help. The experienced physicians at LifeXMD will examine your body and hormone levels to determine which treatments may help you the most.

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