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3 Signs You’re Suffering from Andropause with Low Testosterone


Andropause can describe age-related changes associated with declining levels of testosterone throughout the body, contributing to lower-than-normal testosterone levels.

According to the National Library of Medicine, aging in men is associated with a decline in endocrine and exocrine function, leading to a condition called andropause. Andropause can describe age-related changes associated with declining testosterone levels throughout the body, contributing to lower-than-normal testosterone levels. Around the age of 30 or sooner, a sudden drop in testosterone production occurs, contributing to low testosterone symptoms that may impact a male’s quality of life. Low testosterone is associated with a lack of sex drive, sluggish cognitive function, decreased physical energy levels, reduced muscle mass, and other prominent key symptoms that can be alarming. LifeXMD provides a comprehensive wellness program tailored to combat the decline of testosterone production and re-optimize hormone levels through our Testosterone Optimization Program. Read on to find out three key signs that indicate you may be suffering from andropause with low testosterone levels. 

Andropause with Low Testosterone: Reduced Sex Drive

A common complaint amongst men suffering from andropause with low testosterone levels is a reduced sex drive. Since testosterone is an essential contributor to your libido, a reduction in your sex drive may be a strong indicator of low testosterone levels. A lack of sexual desire may make you feel as though you’re less virile, unable to physically connect with your significant other, and may lead to feelings of shame associated with a lack of performance. LifeXMD’s Testosterone Optimization Program can help reinvigorate your testosterone levels to get you feeling back to your younger self.

Decreased Cognitive Functioning, Depression, and Lack of Energy

According to numerous research studies, providing healthy levels of testosterone through supplementation is strongly linked to a boost in cognitive function and decreased levels of depression. If you find that you’re suffering from sluggish cognitive functioning, overwhelming depression, and a lack of energy — this may indicate that you need testosterone supplementation. LifeXMD can work with you to run a full lab panel to determine the best possible treatment plan. 

Loss of Body Hair and Decreased Muscle Mass

Testosterone hormone is typically associated with body hair production and the ability to gain muscle mass. If you’re brushing your hair and seeing abnormal amounts of hair falling out and have been spending your nights in the gym with no results, testosterone supplementation may be an appropriate course of action for you. Contact LifeXMD today for a free consultation through a telemedicine appointment, available nationwide, or through one of our convenient in-office locations. 

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