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3 Potential Causes of Fatigue and How LifeXMD Can Help

LifeXMD causes of fatigue

Are you experiencing chronic fatigue? Learn the potential causes of fatigue and how LifeXMD can help.

Are you feeling tired, but no amount of sleep is helping? If you are experiencing fatigue or a sense of sluggishness that won’t go away, there are medical reasons. Fatigue goes beyond normal “sleepiness” and can disrupt your everyday life by removing your motivation, energy, and interest in your usual hobbies, work, or relationships. If you want to learn the potential causes of fatigue and how to fix it, scheduling a meeting with LifeXMD can help. Once we determine what deficiencies may be causing your problem, we can begin to administer one of our therapy programs to help you return to normal. 

Health Conditions 

Even if you’re exercising and eating normally, if you have an underlying health condition, it may be eating up your body’s energy supply, leaving you feeling fatigued all the time. 

During your LifeXMD wellness consultation, our physicians will conduct a thorough physical exam and blood panel to identify any hidden causes of fatigue. Once we determine any potential underlying conditions, we can help you seek the treatment you need. 

Nutritional Deficiencies 

If you only consider the number of calories you eat rather than the quality of what you ingest, you could eat all day and still not provide your cells with the nutrients they need. Without essential nutrients, your cells cannot repair and replace themselves as needed and can contribute to your overall feeling of fatigue. 

At LifeXMD, our physicians can provide you with IV therapy that can directly deliver the nutrients you need into your bloodstream, which provides fast-acting benefits. This treatment can help you start to feel relief from your fatigue and get you back into your active lifestyle. 

Hormonal Deficiencies 

When you sleep, your body naturally produces hormones, including testosterone and thyroid hormones. If you don’t sleep well or deeply enough, your body won’t be making the hormones you need to function well. Then, both low testosterone and low levels of thyroid hormones contribute to your fatigue. 

Depending on your testosterone levels, as indicated by your lab work, we might recommend supplements or testosterone replacement therapy to restore your levels. If fatigue has you feeling sluggish, unmotivated, and unhealthy, LifeXMD can help you find the problem and implement the solution. 

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