The Importance of Hormone Testing for Men

Literally millions of older males have high cholesterol and low testosterone. Primary care doctors typically prescribe cholesterol-lowering drugs to decrease the level of cholesterol. But an age-related incease in cholesterol may be the aging body’s way of tying to increase important hormone levels by generating the raw materials necessary to do so. (Dzugan et al 2002). But knowledgeable doctors are able to treat high cholesterol with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

The so-called “normal” levels of testosterone are simply averages based on the entie population. The doctors at LifeXMD however, believe that, to re-establish youthful vigor libido a more valid level for men would be in the top 33% of the reference range for men 21 to 49 years of age.

When calculating testosterone levels, it is very important to measure the levels of both “free” and “total” testosterone to explore the cause of any symptoms of testosterone deficiency (Khosla et al 2008).

In order to eliminate variability and inconsistencies in diagnosis, LifeXMD doctors always use the same local laboratories and compounding pharmacies.

During the initial examination and diagnosis, it is critical measure the level of the hormone estrogen as well. Some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance in men are caused by high estrogen levels in comparison to their testosterone.
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