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Life XMD is the premier Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinic in Scottsdale. If you are experiencing Low T symptoms (low sex drive, sexual dysfunction, decreased energy, depression, increase in body fat, decrease in muscle mass, etc.) call Life XMD or Start now by filling out the HORMONE IMBALANCE QUESTIONAIRE!

If you are looking for safe, convenient and affordable Low T Replacement Therapy Life XMD in Scottsdale, AZ is what you are looking for.


WHAT IS TESTOSTERONE? Testosterone is a male hormone made by the body. Most of the testosterone in a man’s body is produced in the testes. Testosterone helps:

• Maintain reproductive tissues

• Stimulate sperm production

• Stimulate and maintain sexual function

• Increase muscle mass and strength

• Maintain bone strength


Normal Levels of Testosterone Just like your cholesterol or blood pressure, there is a numerical range of testosterone levels (also known as T levels) that are considered normal. The brain and the testicles work together to keep testosterone within this range. When levels of testosterone are below normal, the brain signals the testicles to make more. When testosterone levels reach a normal level, the brain signals the testicles to make less.

Life XMD of Scottsdale is currently running a special on lab work. You can now find out your testosterone number for $99.  To begin this process click here to fill out the registration form.


Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Scottsdale.

Testosterone levels naturally begin to slowly decline around age 30, but several factors can alter this rate. Low testosterone can be caused by many factors; tumors on the pituitary gland (which controls testosterone production in the testicles), problems with the testicles themselves, injury, and infections, can all cause testosterone levels to drop below normal. If you suffer from fatigue, lack of sex drive, lack of motivation, etc. you may have a low testosterone level. At Life XMD, a simple blood test can determine if you suffer from Low T.

If you have Low T, come to Life XMD for exclusive testosterone replacement therapy, Scottsdale, AZ. At Life XMD, we provide testosterone replacement therapy; Scottsdale is one of our many treatment centers. To begin your testosterone replacement therapy in Scottsdale, call or visit our office soon. While you are there, check out our Express Treatment Plan for testosterone replacement therapy, Scottsdale area. Our physicians work exclusively in office to treat Low T by providing quick and easy testosterone replacement therapy in Scottsdale.

Research has linked declining testosterone values to several chronic diseases and risk factors, including heart disease and vascular disease. Lower testosterone also correlates with worsening blood sugar levels in diabetics and decreased heart strength. Finally, there is an overall increased mortality rate among men with lower testosterone levels. To help prevent any of the preceding health conditions, visit us at Life XMD, and begin your testosterone replacement therapy in Scottsdale now.

Start now by filling out our HORMONE IMBALANCE QUESTIONAIRE .



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