Saturated Fat in Diet Lowers Sperm Count

Caution for men who want to have a family – now or in the future: the more saturated fat you eat, the bigger the chance that your sperm count is below nomal. Researchers in Denmark looked at the sperm counts of more than 700 young men and also questioned them about their diet. The results show that the men who ate 11.2 % or fewer calories from saturated fat had an average sperm concentration of 50,000,000per milliliter of semen and a total count of about 163,000,000. Those who obtained more than 15% of their calories from saturated fats had an average sperm concentration of 45,000,000 per milliliter and an overall sperm count of 128,000,000. Previous studies looking at a possible link between saturated fats and low sperm count had been on older, married men with fertility problems. This new study suggested that the sperm counts of young men with no apparent fertility problems could also be affected by the saturated fats in their diets. One researcher noted that both the amount and quality of sperm appears to be in decline in western countries. In fact, some research has shown that average sperm counts have dropped by more than one-half over the past sixty years. The Danish research was published in the February 2013 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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