LifeXMD patients get big benefits at a small price, from an unexpected source.

LifeXMD patients get big benefits at a small price, from an unexpected source.

Cialis (Tadalifil) has HUGE benefits for the aging male, and especially the aging male who is into hormone replacement and working out.
For starters, Cialis works by increasing blood flow throughout the body.
This makes it heart healthy. A good analogy would be like replacing your air filter every time it gets dirty. This improved blood flow effects many tissues, including the brain.

With improved blood flow comes better pumps in the gym as well. Cialis is a highly underrated addition to any workout regimen when it comes to nutrient transport and cell volumization!
Cialis reduces inflammation in the body.
Inflammation is something that bodybuilders constantly deal with due to muscle cell damage and stress.
It has been proven through studies that our measure of inflammation (C-reactive protein measure) drastically improves when taking Cialis, and this is most largely due to Cialis preventing plaque buildup in our arteries. This process reduces risks of cardiovascular disease in a major way!!

What else does Cialis do?
Well, let’s get into improved blood pressure next. Taking Cialis fights hypertension and can definitely benefit someone with high blood pressure or someone who has normal blood pressure but wants to make it even better. This is another benefit of using Cialis while on testosterone or any other supplement that can cause BP elevation.

Another significant concern of our patients, as they age, is increased risk of prostate enlargement. Cialis reduces these risks by relaxing the smooth muscles of the prostate upon regular administration. This is primarily how it works as a sexual drug as well.

So as you see, Cialis is so much more than just a sexual performance drug!
What dosage do I take if using Cialis daily for long term health benefits?
A dosage of 5-7.5 mg/day is all you need to get all of the benefits mentioned above and, of course, you get the added bonus of improved and more satisfying sexual performance. That’s a win for you, and your partner!

To find out how to add Cialis to your HRT regimen, simply contact your LifeXMD Care Consultant.


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